CharismaticRome, Italy, Jun 2019 /(CNA) - As several thousand Catholics belonging to the charismatic renewal gathered in Rome for Pentecost weekend, the Vatican officially launched a new international service to aid the ministry in its commitment to communion and service.

Bishop Peter Smith told CNA that with the creation of CHARIS, “the Holy Father is trying to say okay, we’re part of a much bigger thing here, let’s not lose sight of that connection and let’s help one another to build the Kingdom and not just be focused on ourselves.”

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Bogotá, Colombia, May 2019/(CNA) - A major food bank in Bogota, Colombia, is calling for local people and organizations to partner with them as they serve hundreds of thousands of at-risk people in the area.

“It's important for the people to be well fed, and have a culture of good habits, [and to] accompany the poorest so their children can go to school, and for the older adults to be placed in jobs,” said Fr. Daniel Saldarriaga, executive director of the Archdiocesan Food Bank of Bogota, Colombia.

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CNANew York City, N.Y., May 2019 (CNA) - Esther Harber says she was raped by a priest in 2010. Nine years later, through grace and her own courage, Harber’s story, and her life, are moving forward in hope.

Harber is not naive. She knows the story isn’t over yet. And for now, she’s waiting, and praying, for change.

In 2010, Harber was working as a lay missionary in New York City, focused on serving women and children in need.

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