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Resources for Moms

Kathy Ireland

Real Solutions For Busy Moms coverKathy Ireland is a super-smart supermodel who created a successful business, all while raising a family. She published this guide to success and sanity.

In her life, Kathy communicates with moms every day: online, at the grocery store, at church, at speaking engagements, and on her company website. She is grateful that her conversations don't center around beauty tips or requests for autographs or advice on how to dress. Rather, she has the honor of hearing from real women who struggle with balancing the responsibilities of marriage, raising children, managing a household or career or both, and finding any time left to take care of themselves.

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One Mom's House Call

After spending years working long hours as a doctor, this mom decided to change her world in a different way. She took control of her life and her own business. It all started with one very personal decision.

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