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A  report by YouGov suggests that millennials are the loneliest generation - with higher rates of loneliness than both Generation X and Baby Boomers. We talk with two millennials about loneliness and explore why millennials are so lonely - and how the Church can respond. 

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I tend to avoid Christian films because they often weren’t very good. But I have to note one exception. Christian filmmakers, with decent regularity, know how to make a solid documentary. This isn’t always the case, but director Brian Ivie’s “Emanuel” is an engaging documentary looking at the families of the victims of the Emanuel AME shooting in 2015.

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Its About Time coverTeach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

Hooray for Super Woman! She does everything herself, never asking for help, and never complaining. She cleans up after her family, cooks their meals, and does their laundry. She answers the phone, bakes for the bake sale, and tries to pay the bills.

But it doesn’t stop there. She’s also a real estate agent who tells her clients, “Call me anytime if you have any problems or questions.” So her cell phone rings off the hook. She doesn’t enjoy dinner because she’s interrupted a dozen times. After dinner, the dog needs to be walked, but the kids are too busy texting friends and tuning her out. So she walks the dog and takes along her cell phone, so she can have “private time” to talk to her clients in peace.

When she’s back home, she supervises the kids in finishing their homework and chores. Once they’re off to bed, she gets their clothes and lunches ready for the next school day. At eleven o’clock she finally goes to bed herself, thinking about the three houses she has to show the next day as well as her closing appointment. Plus she just signed on a new client who needs to move within the next two months.

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