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Resources: Right On Time

The Overwhelmed Woman

Are you running your life, or is life running you? In It's About Time, 1 in 3 women surveyed said they felt overwhelmed with their lives. Ladies in this first group typically answer to the label of either Super Woman or Single Mom. Here are some of their cries for help:

  • “I have entirely too much stress because I don’t seem to have enough time and money to be putting in the right places.”

  • “[I am] not disciplined enough to stay on task; too many uncontrollable things demand my time...mainly my 9 children!”

  • “[I have] too much on my plate at once.”

  • “I feel out of control most of the time.”

Does this sound like you? Single mom, Susan LoAlbo, knows that world-changers sometimes need a time check!

Watch how she found balance in her life again, courtesy CBN:

The Pressured Woman
Working moms, this might be you. In our It’s About Time survey, this includes stay-at-home moms, who may also home-school their kids, and are working harder than anyone can imagine. Students, career women, you can certainly relate to feeling pressured too. This third group tends to be largely married with children, and feels weighed down by external forces:
  • “People have no idea all I’m supposed to do.”
  • “Everyone assumes I can do it, since I’ve done it before.”
  • “My friends call me, day or night, even though they know I’m working.”
  • “If I don’t do everything my kids ask of me, I think they won’t feel loved or cared for.”
  • “I stay at home with my daughter, who is eight months old, and she is very hands-on at this stage in her entire day is [spent] just taking care of her. The upper staff keeps me from my game plan.”
If it weren't for everyone else, you'd be just fine, right? If this is something you say, you may be a "pressured" woman.

Learn how to find balance and joy again in this video courtesy CBN.

The Procrastinator
Thirty-one percent of the women we interviewed said they had this tendency. Let’s think about it later! Our well-intentioned Procrastinator makes big plans, has big ideas, and makes a big list of things to do. But something happens along the way:
  • “I procrastinate. I know something needs to be done at work (I’m self-employed) or around the house, but will find an excuse to have a friend visit, play with my pets or grandson, rather than tackling it.”
  • “I hate school, but know it is important if I hope to advance in a career. In effect, procrastinating, homework, and working odd shifts prevent me from managing my time better.”
  • “I hate to grocery shop, always putting it off until there is nothing in the house to eat.”
  • “I am lazy or [there are] just too many things going on at the same time.”
Taking our Test of Time, this mother of three was clearly a self-stressed person. Like many of us, Suzie Hardy was her own worst enemy. However, her test also indicated another category that may just be the root of the problem.

This video is provided courtesy CBN.

Living the Balanced Life 
The Balanced Woman gives us hope. According to our It’s About Time survey, the women who feel as though their lives are most in balance generally don’t let external factors derail their schedule. They also feel they can control their own actions with respect to time management. They’re generally happy with how they spend their time. Not surprisingly, this group tends to be the oldest, and they’re the least likely to have children in the house. Probably due to their age and experience, this group also feels the most satisfied with life:
  • “I prioritize what needs to be done and then prioritize what I want to do.”
  • “I simply make a plan in the morning and follow the plan.”
  • “I manage my time well.”
  • “I don’t make an unrealistic schedule, because I know things in my house don’t run smoothly. I basically just go with the flow of things.”
  • “I make a list of all the things that need to be done for the day and the time it will take to get them done. As each item is accomplished, it is crossed off the list.”
No matter what challenges you face, you can find balance and happiness.

Learn more from this inspiring doctor, courtesy CBN.

It's About Time
Its About Time coverYou can learn much more about "Right on Time" resources from Carolyn Castleberry's book: "It's About Time!: 10 Smart Strategies to Avoid Time Traps and Invest Yourself Where It Matters," available from Amazon.

In this book, Carolyn brings workable solutions to help women discover and apply the right strategies for time management in their lives, freeing them to invest themselves in what really matters.

This book delivers proven, effective strategies for time management. First, it offers women a chance to take a selftest to see where they fall on the “time-balance scale,” a tool to assist the reader in diagnosing her time-management style in order to apply the right strategies and biblical principles to fit her needs.